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11 IBM Servers Meet New Energy Star Guidelines

January 31, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

IBM Energy ManageIBM says 11 of its servers have met version 2.0 guidelines now in effect under the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program.

Qualifying criteria for the new Energy Star rating include features such as efficient power supplies, real time power usage measurement and advanced power management for lowering usage during idle periods. According to the EPA, computer servers that earn the Energy Star designation will be about 30 percent more energy efficient than standard servers.

The EPA introduced the first version of its server specific Energy Star program in 2009. In March of 2013 the EPA finalized version 2.0 for the program, modifying the criteria ensuring increased levels of efficiency across the board. The new requirements became effective December 16, 2013. All Energy Star version 1.0 qualified servers are now expected to meet the version 2.0 requirements and provide data on the server’s performance/power characteristics.

The specific IBM Power System and System x servers qualified for Energy Star version 2.0 include: Power 730, Power 740, Power 750 and Power 760 servers. The qualified System x servers are: x3650 M4 HD, x3650 M4, x3500 M4, x3550 M4, dx360 M4, nx360 M4 and x222.

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