The Thread Group Expands to Commercial and Professional Buildings

November 10, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk


The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge potential to benefit commercial structures. It can drive energy efficiency by more closely controlling when systems are on and off and reporting usage in a more granular manner.


Thread is one of the initiatives aimed at creating a networking standards that make these advances possible. Earlier this week, The Thread Group announced that it is bringing Thread to commercial and professional buildings. This will be done by adding extensions to existing specifications, the press release says.


These extensions will address enterprise security, commissioning and the enablement and managing of large Thread subnets. Thread members include Schneider Electric, OSRA, Creston, Siemens and Philips Lighting.


The IoT is having a great impact on preventive maintenance to systems that run buildings and the tenant equipment that these structures house.

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