2015 for PV: It Was a Very Good Year

January 22, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

solarGTM Research reported this week that its preliminary numbers show that solar photo voltaic installations in last year outstripped the 2014 total by 34 percent.

The story at Clean Technica said that the decision at the end of 2015 by Congress to extend the investment tax credit is evidence of the importance of governmental actions. The decision will be one factor in the growth of the U.S. share of global PV from 10 percent to 15 percent from last year through 2020.

The firm predicts that China and the United States will combine for 2.5 GW of installations, with Africa and the Middle East installing 1 GW.

The PV Market Alliance says that 51 GW of solar capacity was installed last year, which the group said precisely matched its predictions. The PVMA indicated that there was strong growth in all major markets.

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