2016 Energy Manager Today Awards

Call for Entries

Deadline: October 19, 2016

Early Bird: September 23, 2016

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The Energy Manager Today Awards recognize and honor the strides made in the field of energy management, from developing and implementing energy strategies to recommending and buying energy-related equipment to monitoring and improving energy-use metrics to facility design and construction, and beyond. Companies are invited to enter original and successful products and projects that achieved high standards in terms of their contribution to reductions in energy consumption and energy costs.

The awards are designed to showcase achievements in energy efforts that show innovation, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to the bottom line from companies that are making the biggest difference in the field; by showcasing them in October, we hope they will help you make smart decisions about what products to purchase or what sorts of initiatives to implement in coming months.

Why Submit

Entries that receive a Top Product of the Year or Top Project of the Year Award gain:

  • National recognition and validation from industry experts on a product or project’s strengths, with feedback from the judges;
  • Quotes on a product or project’s success from expert judges to use in press releases and marketing materials;
  • Promotion in the Energy Manager Today Awards Report, in the Energy Manager Today newsletter and website, in a “Hall of Fame” on the EMT website, and in EMT press materials.
  • Use of the Energy Manager Today Top Product/Project of the Year badge, which can be displayed on product packaging, websites, trade show displays and posters, and in other marketing materials.

EMT's readers are energy directors and managers implementing comprehensive enterprise-wide energy strategies. Others are plant and facility managers, maintenance directors, engineers, buildings directors, operation managers, construction managers, procurement directors and utilities managers. Winning an Energy Manager Today Top Product or Project of the Year Award cements your reputation as tops in your field and gains you recognition from thousands of potential clients.

What to Include with Your Submission Form

  • Entry form
  • Technological description, if applicable
  • Supporting documents (charts, graphs, images, case studies, testimonials, etc.)
  • High res image of the product or project your are submitting
  • Payment Form
Submit Your Product or Project Nomination

Submission Criteria & Topic Ideas

Submit useful products and successful projects from any area within the field of energy management including energy storage, procurement, grid, natural gas/oil/fuel, building envelope, lighting, HVAC, consulting, boiler/generating equipment, auditing/monitoring/reporting, fuel cells, backup power, load reduction, distributed generation, demand response, cogeneration, onsite energy, and other energy efficient products and projects that save time, energy and money.

The more specific your supporting materials (no more than five extra pages of documentation, please), the better chance the judges have of fully understanding your submission. Include information on the improvements your product can make to the bottom line or results from how your project led to improvements (including dollar amount and percentage improvements, when possible), illustrations that explain how a product works, step by step details on how a project was implemented and how challenges were overcome, information on what problems your products solve, etc.

Entries are judged based on the following scale:

  • 0 to 2: Useful product/project, yet commodity
  • 3: Solid product or project with viable attributes that set it apart
  • 3.5 to 4: Excellent product or project with performance that provides clear and substantial benefits
  • 5: Superb product or project that set new standard for performance and provides groundbreaking and NEW innovations.

All entries receiving a top score will be awarded an Energy Manager Today Top Product of the Year Award or Top Project of the Year Award.


Judges are chosen from experts who are currently working and excelling in the field of energy management. Judging companies include:

  • Zee Company
  • Cox Enterprises
  • USG Corp.
  • City of Alexandria, Virginia
  • IBM
  • Wellborn Cabinets, Inc.
  • University of Colorado
  • General Motors
  • MUFG Union Bank
  • Fetzer Vineyards
  • And more to come!

Individual judges will be profiled when final awards are announced. No entrants will be told which judge evaluated which entry. At least three judges will evaluate each entry based on the criteria laid out above and will provide a numerical score as well as a sentence or two of written comments. Entrants will receive a summary of the comments from the judges but will not receive individual scores.

How to Submit

To submit, fill out a submission form and attach NO MORE THAN FIVE PAGES of relevant supporting documents, including technological descriptions (where relevant), a payment form, success metrics, charts or graphs, and other materials that show the success of the product or project, as well as a high-res image that illustrates the submission. On the form, please also include the name and email address of the person to whom an invoice should be sent.

The deadline for submissions is October 19, 2016. Early Bird deadline is September 23, 2016. Winners will be announced in October.

Submission Fees

Early Bird deadline: $597 for first entry, $547 for each additional entry.

Final deadline: $697 for first entry, $647 for each additional entry.