3 Washington, DC Groups Get Solar Energy from North Carolina

June 25, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

DC energy manageThe George Washington University (GW), American University (AU) and the George Washington University Hospital (GWUH) are creating a renewable energy project that brings solar power from North Carolina to the Washington, DC, institutions.

The project – Capital Partners Solar Project and supplied by Duke Energy Renewables – comprises 52 MW of solar, and it is the largest non-utility solar PV power purchase agreement (PPA) in the United States in total contracted megawatt hours, according to the partners.

The partners will break ground on the first site this summer, and panels will begin to deliver electricity by the end of the year. Solar power generated at the panel sites in North Carolina will move through a North Carolina electrical grid into the DC regional grid, increasing the amount of solar energy in the region.

When fully operational at the end of 2015, Capital Partners Solar Project will generate 123 million kWh per year, drawn from 243,000 solar panels at three sites.

Under the agreement and once the project is complete, GW will receive roughly 86.6 million kWh, AU will receive 30 million kWh and GWUH will receive about 6.3 million kWh, annually. The solar power will fuel more than half of GW’s and AU’s electricity needs and more than a third of GWUH’s needs.

Photo: Washington DC via Shutterstock

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