30% of Building Managers Use No Energy Savings Technology, Says Survey

October 28, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

daintreeDaintree Networks and CoR Advisors have released findings from their “State of Building Energy Management Survey” distributed to building owners, managers and other industry professionals. The survey found that although about 69 percent of the respondents said they were using some technology to control and manage their building energy consumption, most are using basic technology such as local sensors and efficient light fixtures.

Over 30 percent are not using any technology at all, according to the survey.

Of the facility managers who are using a technology, most are doing it with efficient lighting (usually LEDs), lighting controls, legacy building automation systems and energy monitoring software.

Not surprisingly, lack of budget and management buy-in are top inhibitors for not rolling out a building energy management program: 24.1 percent noted “lack of budget” as the reason they are not using technology to manage buildings’ energy usage today.

About 63 percent require two to five years’ payback for energy control solutions.

3 comments on “30% of Building Managers Use No Energy Savings Technology, Says Survey

  1. If a building manager has lighting maintenance in his budget then there is at least a start to the capital needed to fund an LED lighting upgrade. Financing is usually available as are utility incentive/rebates for reducing the load on the grid. Lighting is still the low fruit on the tree and LED is now where T8 fluorescent technology was 20 years ago from an ROI standpoint. I understand budgets are tight but 2 year ROI is better than you can do with most investments and it’s no risk. Utility costs are not going down so the further you go into the 50,000 hr + life of your new lighting the more money you will generate in the form of avoided operating and maintenance costs. Still a pretty easy sell to a sharp building manager.

  2. Building managers don’t always have the authority to install energy savings or energy-efficiency technology so it’s no wonder that 30% or more of them are not using it. This goes double if the building has tenants who sometimes have no stake in saving energy whatsoever or if electricity is included in the commercial rental agreement.

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