30% of Industrial Lights Are Too Difficult to Replace

November 21, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

vspringAccording to Eaton, nearly one-third of all lights in industrial facilities are burnt out, but they’re too high or otherwise difficult to replace. In addition, 34 percent of all electrical incidents at industrial facilities are related to lighting.

For these reasons, Eaton created the V-Spring Telescoping Light Pole from its Crouse-Hinds business. The pole enables work to be completed on the walkway or platform. It uses spring assistance to offset the pole and the light’s weight and enables a worker to safely lower or raise the light fixture, says Eaton.

By removing the need to work at heights, the V-Spring lowering pole might also contribute to decreased regulatory costs.

The V-Spring is fully adjustable from five to ten feet and travels vertically as opposed to traditional solutions that follow a 45-degree rotational path. It can be locked into any height position without requiring nuts, safety pins or tethers, says the company.

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