A Microgrid Grows in Brooklyn

March 15, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

brooklyn_bridgeThe Brooklyn Microgrid, in the borough of the same name in New York City, allows users to buy and sell renewable energy from rooftop solar panels, according to a story at Tree Hugger. The project uses a hardware and software platform called the TransActive grid to enable customer to buy and sell from each other.

The project is active in the Park Slow and Gowanus sections of Brooklyn. The idea is to be independent of the utility, use renewable resources, retain power in extreme weather and other events and keep money in the local economy. The TransActive gird is a joint venture between LO3 Energy and Consensus Systems, the story says.

In a Behind the Meter Podcast, Noah Goldstein, the Research Director for Navigant Research, told Energy Manager Today that the energy cloud is making bidirectional distribution of energy a reality.

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