About Energy Manager Today

Energy Manager Today is the leading  daily trade publication keeping corporate executives fully informed about energy management news. It is published by Business Sector Media LLC.

If you’d like to contact us about news pitches, please send an email to news@energymanagertoday.com. This is the best way to ensure that the many writers and editors that work on the magazine see your news.

For information on our editors, writers and columnists, please visit the Authors Page.

Our business offices can be contacted at:

Business Sector Media

323 West Drake Road
Suite 224
Fort Collins, CO 80526


Key Team Members:

Linda Hardesty – Managing Editor

Linda Hardesty has been a trade journalist since the mid-1990s, alternately writing about cable television and environmental issues. She’s worked for Cable World magazine, Communications Technology and Colorado Green Business. Contact at Linda@energymanagertoday.com or 970.377.9505 x704.

Sarah Roberts - Associate Publisher

Eastern US & Canada, Europe
P: 970-377-9505 x709

Rob Stuehrk - Associate Publisher

Western US & Canada, Asia, Australia
P: 970.377.9505×707

Paul Nastu – Founder, Publisher 

Paul Nastu has over 20 years experience in providing industry specific news to corporate decision makers. He has been involved with a number of B2B publishers and titles including Phillips Business Information, Environmental Leader, Environment Energy PRO, MarketingVOX, Marketing Sherpa, MediaBuyerPlanner, E-School News and GRID Media. Contact at 970.377.9505 x701 or publisher@energymanagertoday.com



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