Ace Hardware Deploys Digital Lumens LED System

August 28, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Ace Hardware energy manageAce Hardware upgraded the lighting in areas of its 1-million-sq-foot Rocklin, Calif., retail support center to the Digital Lumens’ Intelligent LED Lighting System, and since implementing the upgrade in October 2013, Ace Hardware saved an average of 81 percent on its lighting-related energy use.

According to Ace Hardware, lighting is its single biggest energy warehousing expense.

By replacing the facility’s 1,653 fixtures (1,551 T5 fluorescent and 102 metal halide), Ace Hardware has reduced its power usage per square foot by 39.56 percent, while improving light quality and illumination levels throughout the facility.

The Digital Lumens deployment was preceded by an eight-month, in-depth research project by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to quantify the effect increasing levels of control have on energy efficiency. Conducted by PG&E partner TRC Solutions, the study isolated the variables that contribute to energy efficiency – dimming, occupancy and daylight harvesting – and evaluated them, both individually and collectively, in a real-world scenario at Ace’s Rocklin facility, documenting the energy savings that lighting systems can deliver to industrial facilities.

The PG&E study found that compared to basic LEDs, systems with “aggressive advanced controls,” like the Digital Lumens system, delivered 43% more energy savings, and a reduction of 93% over the previously installed metal halide fixtures.

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