Three Firms Advance Solar Inverters

September 14, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

geThree firms have made announcements that further the evolution toward 1500 volt inverters within solar infrastructure.

GE Energy Management Power Conversion  has signed a supply agreement with Next Era Energy to deploy 1500V inverter solutions to solar plants generating more than 1 GW of electricity across the United States, , according to GE Energy Management will provide 2 MW and 4 MW LV5 15000 central inverters at the installations. The increase in voltages will accelerate cost reductions.

The increased voltages enable a power station’s rating to double, the story said. This decreases loss and lowers balance of system (BoS) costs. The 4 MW systems reduce the total number of inverters necessary, which saves time and capital and operational expenses.

Suntech, a Chinese firm, said that it will unveil 1500 V modules at the Solar Power International exhibition in Anaheim, CA, this week. The devices will officially be launched next month.

A third piece of news in the inverter sector is from an Israeli company. SolarEdge Technologies claims that its HD-Wave inverter technology will use advanced digital processing to reduce the size of an inverter’s magnetics and increase reliability and performance.

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