Aerial Vehicle Maps Building Envelope Problems

July 11, 2014 By Karen Henry

skybeam-energy-manageTremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has introduced SkyBEAM (Building Envelope Asset Mapping) for use throughout Canada. SkyBEAM uses unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-resolution infrared and video cameras to help customers locate and photograph where their facilities may be leaking energy through gaps in the roof, façade or elsewhere; where they may have wet insulation; and where there might be other potential problems on the building.

SkyBEAM’s thermographic camera graphically depicts energy inefficiencies by showing temperature variations within the building, a result of problems such as poor or missing seals around windows or wet insulation that can lead to increased operating costs.

SkyBEAM consolidates the infrared scanning and videotaped images into a cloud-based, interactive report, which displays problem areas. A virtual model of the building is created in 2-D and 3-D and can be viewed from any angle. Swiping the model allows the user to overlay thermal images to their exact location on the building. Photographs, comments and other data can be added in real time through a tablet, including when technicians are on site.

Data can also be transmitted down to those on the roof. Through geo-positioning, technicians can see their exact location in relation to problem areas. They can bring up the thermal scan of the roof, and as they walk across the roof the scan moves with them, so they can locate where work on the roof needs to take place.

SkyBEAM is available to Tremco Roofing customers in Canada through a relationship with Toronto-based Industrial SkyWorks, an aerial mapping and reporting company.

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