Alabama School System Reduces Energy Costs 22%

August 29, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

schneider-electric-logo-energy-manageLimestone County School System in Alabama hired Schneider Electric to conduct energy upgrades to all of its 14 campuses in the county.

The school system will set the state standard for energy efficiency, as the project will reduce utility costs for the system by 22 percent.

The majority of the funding for the renovations will be generated through savings acquired from the new energy, water and operational efficiencies achieved through this project. The capital needed for the initial investment will be funded by the ADECA Local Government Energy Loan Program and a tax-exempt lease purchase.

Every Limestone County school will see an impact from the project through the following improvements:

  • District-wide building automation providing centralized control of over 800 pieces of HVAC equipment;
  • Renovations to over 53,000 lighting components (interior, exterior, gyms and controls);
  • Full conversion to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system, reducing phone bills by half and improving the intercom systems;
  • Extensive window renovations and dropped ceilings installed at seven schools to improve aesthetics and energy efficiency;
  • District-wide water commissioning and upgrades, reducing water usage by almost 90 million gallons;
  • Extensive envelope sealing of doors, windows and joints at every building to improve comfort and energy efficiency;
  • Energy consumption visibility through smart metering and energy dashboard technologies.

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