Alphabet Energy Releases the PowerModule Developer Kit

October 23, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

alphabet_energyAlphabet Energy has released the PowerModule Developer Kit, an all-in-one, turnkey package for building and testing thermoelectric technology in exhaust systems or exhaust test benches. The PowerModule Developer Kit is used in the waste heat to power (WHP) process. More specifically, it helps in the implementation of waste heat recovery systems for exhaust flues.

The release says that between 20 percent and 50 percent of energy consumed by industry in the U.S. is lost as waste heat. WHP is the reuse of this wasted energy as electricity. In the industrial sector, furnaces, kilns, thermal oxidizers and incineration systems are examples of sources of the heat that can be recovered and transitioned into electricity.

A feature at ZME Science describes the approach that Alphabet Energy is taking with its PowerCard, which uses a compound called tetrahedrive. It is configured into a small printed circuit that can capture heat falling between 350 degree and 600 degree Celsius, the story says.

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