Amazon Advances District Heating in Seattle

September 25, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

amazon energy manageAmazon is making plans to heat some of its buildings in downtown Seattle with waste heat generated from data centers in the nearby Westin Building, according to Geek Wire.

An underground system of pipes will transfer waste heat via water from the data centers to the Amazon buildings; once the water has cooled down, it will be transferred back to the data centers to help cool them. Currently, the Westin has to pay to keep its data centers cool.

The district heating system has been rumored since 2013, but Amazon hasn’t been willing to go on the record. The new information comes from a Seattle City Council meeting, which names the following companies as being involved with the project: Eco District, which owns the Westin Building, McKinstry, and Acorn Development, Amazon’s development arm.

The Seattle City Council resolutions approved the laying of some district heating pipes.

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