Andalay Solar Partners with Highpower

August 19, 2014 By Karen Henry

solar-battery-energy-manageAndalay Solar is collaborating with Highpower International, a developer and manufacturer of lithium and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, to launch a pilot project that will provide technologically advanced energy storage systems for Andalay Solar customers and enhance system performance while keeping the cost affordable and viable.

The energy system is designed to help customers avoid and reduce utility grid fees by going off-grid or employing a hybrid system. Highpower’s energy storage system has six 2.4 KWh lithium-ion battery modules and an expandable output inverter. For the hybrid system, when combined with Andalay’s integrated solar system, energy will be generated both by the solar system as well as by the utility grid network. With both energy inputs, the energy output to the home is expected to provide enough power to sustain household and electronic appliances and all power outlets.

Solar systems with built-in storage are helping to support energy independence in remote and war-torn regions. Hamburg, Germany-based energy supplier Care-Energy recently established a branch in the Middle East to provide its CareCel photovoltaic with built-in storage and infrastructure facilitiesEcosphere Technologies’ Ecos PowerCube is a portable, self-contained micro-utility that uses solar power to provide electricity in remote, off-grid locations.


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