Anheuser-Busch Installs Second Turbine at Fairfield Brewery

August 15, 2014 By Karen Henry

Fairfield-energy-manageAnheuser-Busch is installing a second wind turbine at its Fairfield brewery in Northern California. The nearly 400-foot tall turbine will generate 1.6 MW of electricity and brings the Fairfield brewery’s total alternative energy generation up to 4.1 MW, or 30 percent of the brewery’s electricity needs.

Even though the new turbine will be larger than the brewery’s first turbine by 50 feet, it has been named “Bud Light,” according to KCRA news in Sacramento. The original turbine has already claimed the name “Budweiser.”

In addition to the wind turbines, the brewery’s energy-efficiency and conservation efforts include seven acres of solar arrays, a bio-energy recovery system, recycling and water conservation efforts.

The turbine is expected to be fully operational in October.

The beer industry seems to be trending toward more sustainable brewing practices. Sierra Nevada Brewing, based in Chico, Calif., has been a longtime proponent of a taking a diverse approach to green power. Colorado craft beer brewers are taking innovative approaches to reducing their energy consumption.

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