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Apple Defends 100% Renewable Energy Claim

May 25, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

facebook logoClaims that a company uses 100 percent renewable energy make for good press. It is possible, though, to meet such claims with skepticism. reports that doubt was expressed at such a claim made by Apple, which is building a data center in Athenry, which is in County Galway, Ireland. The story describes a gathering of about 100 people at a local hotel. The decision to let Apple go ahead was appealed for a variety of reasons by eight individuals or groups, the story said.

The meeting at the hotel, the story says, was dominated by discussion of the claim of 100 percent renewable energy. Some who spoke accused the company of misrepresentation. The claim was defended by an Apple expert.

Last fall, Apple and the Sunseap Group entered into an agreement that Apple said will make it the first company using 100 percent renewable energy in Singapore.

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