Apple Planning to Put Fuel Cells in Portable Devices?

July 18, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

appleApple is rumored to be working with UK fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy to introduce fuel cell technology into future mobile devices, reports The Daily Mail.

Intelligent Energy does have ties to Apple; In 2011, it hired former Apple executive Joe O’Sullivan to serve as its chief operating officer. And Intelligent Energy recently opened an office in San Jose, California, says the Daily Mail.

Apple already uses large-scale fuel cells at its Maiden, NC, data center.

Earlier this year, Intelligent Energy’s Upp personal energy device achieved IEC 62282-6-100 micro fuel cell technology certification and ISO 16111:2008, which together allow the product to be distributed internationally. Upp is a consumer electronic device that can charge USB-compatible electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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