Aquion Battery First in World to be Cradle to Cradle Certified

April 23, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Aquion Energy, a developer and manufacturer of Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) batteries and energy storage systems, announced that its AHI S20 and S20-P product lines are now Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze. The product lines were evaluated by MBDC, an Accredited Assessment Body and the creators of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program. The certification was awarded by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Aquion Energy began work on the battery stack eight years ago at Carnegie Mellon University. The company says it’s logical to create an environmentally sustainable battery if it’s going to be deployed globally alongside renewable energy systems.

The AHI battery is made using a saltwater electrolyte, carbon composite anode, manganese oxide cathode, and synthetic cotton separator. The battery contains no heavy metals or toxic chemicals and is non-flammable and non-explosive.

The Aqueous Hybrid Ion S-Line products are the first and only batteries to be Cradle to Cradle Certified.

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