Arc-Flash Mitigation is Top of Mind for Plant Managers

July 22, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Littelfuse energy manageA recent survey conducted by Littelfuse reveals that 85 percent of 825 surveyed plant professionals agree or strongly agree that arc-flash mitigation is important. In addition, 67 percent of respondents reported completing an arc-flash hazard assessment in their facilities.

Arc-flash hazard assessments have been used to determine the Hazard Risk Category (HRC) of each piece of electrical equipment (a scale of 1-4). Although the NFPA 70E is moving away from HRCs, they remain a well-known classification, says Littelfuse. More than 50 percent of survey respondents reported having significant (HRC 3 or higher) arc-flash hazards and agreed that reducing those hazards is important.

How then to reduce arc-flash hazards and keep workers safe? Survey respondents ranked the popularity of solutions with the most popular mitigation technique being current-limiting fuses, followed by arc-resistant switchgear, arc-flash relays, and high-resistance grounding.

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