Arkansas Pre-Qualifies ConEdison Solutions as ESCO

October 28, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Conedison SolutionsConEdison Solutions has been pre-qualified as an approved Energy Service Company (ESCO) by the State of Arkansas Energy Office.

If selected from the pre-approved list of providers to implement a project, ConEdison Solutions would deliver guaranteed savings by completing energy upgrades in various public buildings throughout Arkansas.

Under the terms of the Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting Program, ConEdison Solutions and other qualified providers will be required to deliver a specific, projected level of energy savings for a particular public facility within a designated period of time, or make up the difference themselves.

At the present time, ConEdison Solutions is certified as a pre-approved ESCO in 24 states across the US. It should be noted that 20 other states do not require a pre-approval certification as an ESCO to operate within them. ConEdison Solutions is also approved as energy services contractor by the US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, and the US Postal Service.

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