Asphalt Additive Increases Fluidity, Saves Energy

March 12, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Honeywell has a new line of additives for asphalt, aimed at helping the paving industry decrease energy usage, reduce emissions and save money.

By adding small quantities of Honeywell Titan additives, asphalt flows as much as 60 to 80 percent more easily compared with asphalt modified with traditional technologies. And improved asphalt fluidity allows for temperature reduction during both the manufacturing and paving processes, so less energy is needed, and costs are reduced for both asphalt manufacturers and road pavers.

Honeywell Titan’s unique properties have been demonstrated in a paving trial with the Texas Department of Transportation, which found it decreased fuel usage by 13 percent and decreased the number of paving roller passes by one-third, which in turn reduces the time required to pave roads.

According to Honeywell, peer-reviewed data demonstrate that adding Honeywell Titan to asphalt can reduce paving-related emissions of sulfur dioxide by 82 percent, nitrogen oxides by 43 percent, volatile organic compounds by 19 percent, and carbon dioxide by 18 percent. Depending on the asphalt’s composition, using Honeywell Titan can also reduce the amount of additive required by nearly 30 percent.

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