Assisted Living Center Spends $2.6 Million for Energy Retrofit

January 7, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Christian Care Communities is investing $2.6 million for a renovation and energy savings initiative at its senior living facility in downtown Louisville, Ky., impacting about 500 residents and 300 staff.

Slated improvements for three buildings at the facility include brighter, energy-efficient lighting, new boilers and improved air-conditioning, additional insulation and water conserving plumbing fixtures. The renovation will be managed by Johnson Controls and will create 37 temporary jobs.Work will begin immediately and be completed in six months.

Christian Care expects its investment in green technology and equipment will be repaid in accrued cost savings. On the energy side alone, Christian Care immediately stands to save a minimum of 26 percent on its overall utility costs, which average $47,000 per month. That will decrease to $34,000 per month, as guaranteed by a 15-year energy saving performance contract with Johnson Controls, according to Christian Care.

Financing for the renovation and energy savings project was provided by United Bank & Trust Company in Georgetown, Ky. Christian Care is actively pursuing grants to fund and launch energy saving improvements at its other senior living communities across the state.

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