AUM Provides Utility Management for Multifamily Buildings

June 22, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

AUMAmerican Utility Management (AUM), a provider of utility management and energy services for the multifamily industry, launched its newly enhanced Advanced Analytics 2.0 platform. By capturing over 1 billion data points from property invoices, AUM provides property owners and managers with greater visibility into their utility and energy performance.

The 2.0 platform, which includes the Performance and Energy Dashboards and Custom Reporting Engine, also provides clients with access to portfolio-level KPIs as well as detailed, property level data to identify trends, outliers and opportunities for improvement. Expanded grouping capabilities also give clients more choice and control. Clients can view their performance by property, by groups of properties such as a region or ownership group, or for their entire portfolio. Clients can also view data by usage date, calendar date and invoice posted date.

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