Austrian Cogeneration Plant Installs GE Gas Engines

June 5, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

GE gas engineAustria’s largest cogeneration plant powered by gas engines was recently commissioned in the city of Kirchdorf an der Krems.

Energie AG, an Austrian utility serving about 1,400 customers, upgraded its district heating facility by replacing the existing steam turbines with three of GE’s latest Jenbacher J624 gas engines. Energie AG’s existing steam turbines had reached the end of their life.

The J624’s small size allowed the utility to minimize the modifications to its building.

GE’s J624 gas engine has an output of 4.4 MW and features two-stage turbocharging, providing electrical efficiency (45.4 percent), thermal efficiency (43.7 percent) and overall efficiency (89.1 percent). The J624 units, which are running on natural gas, offer customized hydraulic integration, which gives the utility the ability to choose its temperature level.

The two-stage turbocharging is the enabling technology to increase the specific output and efficiency of the gas engine.

In April, the Stadtwerke Rosenheim municipal cogeneration plant in the city of Rosenheim, Germany, announced it was increasing its combined heat and power (CHP) generation by installing GE’s largest Jenbacher gas engine, the 9.5 MW J920 FleXtra. The German government is emphasizing greater industrial energy efficiency as part of its “Energiewende” energy transition plan.

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