Automated Building Envelope Sealing Technology Previewed

October 5, 2015 By Karen Henry

Aeroseal Energy ManageA new building envelope sealing technology designed to effectively seal the outer shell of homes and buildings was previewed at the Aeroseal Success Summit. It is the first automated system used to effectively find and seal air leaks in building structures.

The patented technology uses a compressed nitrogen system to push sealant through multiple nozzles. Sprayed into a pressurized structure, the sealant is drawn to any cracks or leaks in the building envelope, including those around walls, doors and windows. The particles of sealant bond around the holes and then to each other until the leaks are completely sealed. It takes about one hour to seal a 1,200 square foot home.

This approach has the potential to seal faster, cheaper and more effectively than manual processes including caulking and weather stripping. It provides a computer-generated verification of the sealing effectiveness.

The technology was developed at the University of California Davis and could be available for commercial use later next year.

Aeroseal unveiled its inaugural product, Aeroseal, which provides a new way to seal leaky air ducts, earlier this year.

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