Ballard Backup Power Deployed in Philippines

May 22, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Ballard Energy ManageBallard Power Systems says installation of its fuel cell telecom backup power systems is proceeding in the Philippines, with 12 ElectraGen-ME systems now deployed at key sites in metro Manila.

These systems are part of an initial 20-system order received in the third quarter of 2013 from AECi, Ballard’s channel partner in the Philippines, for deployment in the network of a major, but un-named telecommunications company in that country.

Due to the severity of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, installation of these methanol-fueled backup power systems was necessarily delayed.

All 20 of the initial systems will be installed at rooftop locations in metro Manila. The liquid fuel used with the ElectraGen-ME system is a mixture of methanol and water, branded HydroPlus, which can be readily delivered to rooftop sites, according to Ballard. A 225-liter fuel storage tank, together with the fuel processor which is integrated into the system to enable up to 100 hours of continuous run time when grid power is unavailable.

Typhoon Haiyan also destroyed the cooling towers of four geothermal plants in the Philippines and damaged a fifth.

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