Behind the Meter Podcast: Bill Barnes on Vac-Con’s Long Migration to LEDs

March 10, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

Not all companies move uniformly from one type of legacy lighting to LEDs. For some, it’s a more complex journey.

One such company is Vac-Con, which is a Green Grove Springs, FL-based manufacturer of heavy duty, truck-mounted machines.

Bill Barnes, the company’s Continuous Improvement Manager, said that the company expanded existing facilities and acquired buildings with an array of fluorescent, sodium vapor and metal halide lighting. This heterogeneous environment made the move to LEDs longer and less direct.

Now, Barnes told Energy Manager Today Managing Editor Carl Weinschenk, LEDs are operational in much of the company’s footprint, including the assembly area and the machine and fabrication ships.

Music: “The Past is Obdurate” by Matt Panayides

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