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Belgian Energy Service Company Chooses Elster

January 15, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

The Belgian energy service company Cofely Services has chosen German-based Elster Energy’s energy management software to standardize its customers’ energy monitoring across multiple sites.

Cofely Services has already migrated more than 30 customers and over 500 endpoints to the Ester EIServer platform, with a full commercial launch planned early this year. Cofely Services has more than 1,500 customers ranging from small businesses to large organizations and industrial customers operating commercial facilities and multiple sites.

The EIServer cloud-based platform enables Cofely to collect, cleanse, analyze and interpret all energy-related data and provide a range of energy management, monitoring and targeting services designed to reduce its customers’ energy and water consumption. Cofely will also use Elster Energy’s submeters and data loggers to collect multiple energy, usage and meter inputs.

EIServer includes eiPortal, an energy monitoring tool that enables Cofely Services to take raw consumption data and create reports and comparative performance indicators for energy usage. The company will be able to track its customer’s projects, monitor efficiency gains and measure KPIs in consumption, CO2 emissions, costs and savings from the previous day, week or month. The solution is also capable of benchmarking across multiple sites through the eiDashboard module.

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