Big Data Driving Energy Efficiency Market, Report Says

August 19, 2014 By Kirsten Korosec

smart-meter-shutterstockThe energy efficiency market experienced modest 4 percent annual growth to reach $56 billion in 2013, a trend that will continue thanks in part to growing interest in big data analytics, according to a report by Climate Change Business Journal.

About $47.5 billion in total sales were generated from equipment, appliances and systems, while $8.8 billion came from specialty services for energy efficiency, smart grid and demand response, according to the report CCBJ Energy Efficiency & Green Buildings.

Vendors are developing proprietary technology, software and services to analyze increasingly robust data from smart meters, building systems and energy management systems, according to CCBJ senior editor Jim Hight. Analysis can help guide energy efficiency upgrades, including investment in capital-intensive retrofits, lighting and HVAC systems, Hight says.

FirstFuel, C3 Energy, Retroficiency, Gridium, Noesis Energy, Autodesk Sustainability Solutions and EnerNOC are the firms most visible in the data analytics segment of the energy efficiency market.

CCBJ also estimates the green buildings market reached $76 billion in 2013.

Earlier this month, EnerNOC announced it revised the pricing and package structure for its energy intelligence software (EIS). The new packages adopt a traditional SaaS approach of “good, better, best” bundling of features and services.

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