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Biomass: A New Plant and A Possible Conversion

October 5, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

biomass energy manageSumitomo Corp. is constructing a 50 MW wood biomass facility for Summit Energy Corp. on Honshu island, according to Energy Business Review. It will be installed at the Sakata Rinkai Industrial Park, which is located in the Yamagata prefecture. The plant will cost about $208 million.

The facility will generate power from wood and timber cut-offs from local and international sources. These materials will be supplied by Sumitomo Materials’ Supplies & Real Estate Division.

This is not Sumitomo Energy’s first biomass project: The company operates a 50 MW plant in Itoigawa and a 75 MW plant in Handa is schedule to become operational in June 2017.

Biomass also is an emerging option in England. Engineering and Technology Magazine reports that the owners of the Eggborough Power Station in North Yorkshire are considering transforming the traditional power plant to biomass. The closure of the plant is set for next March, but the Active Energy Group is discussing the transition with Eggborough. The plant has a production capacity of 1,960 MW – 4 percent of Britain’s electricity – and employs 240 people.

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