Blue Lagoon Inspires ‘Side Business’ for Geothermal Projects

July 3, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

geothermal energy manageIn 1976, a drilling mishap at a geothermal power plant in Iceland ended up creating a popular and exotic hot spring pool, the Blue Lagoon.

The spill at the Svartsengi geothermal power plant created a surreal pool of blue, geothermal seawater, which since has become a business that now employs 240 people and draws 600,000 visitors per year, according to Renewable Energy World, which reprinted an article from Think Geoenergy Magazine.

The magazine says the Blue Lagoon has inspired other geothermal operators to create a hot springs spa “side business.”

For example, Kenya’s state-owned electricity producer is building a spa near its Olkaria geothermal fields in Hellsgate National Park near Naivasha. And a hot water spa is being developed in the Philippines’ geothermal power plant region.

Photo: Blue Lagoon via Shutterstock

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