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Bluestone Offers Retail Electricity Through Constellation

November 18, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Bluestone Energy ManageBluestone Energy Services, a company that provides energy conservation and development services for businesses, will now offer Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy (EME) program.

Constellation’s EME combines a multi-year electricity agreement with energy conservation measures. The cost of efficiency measures is included in the price per kWh over the term of the electricity supply agreement.

In creating a customized efficiency strategy, customers’ challenges are identified, and a water and energy conservation plan is developed to provide savings with no upfront cost. The program, which was first launched in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions in 2011, has since expanded nationally.

Under Constellation’s EME program, Bluestone recently completed a comprehensive lighting project for Teterboro, NJ-based Party Rental, which has saved the company nearly $90,000 in annual electricity costs. Additionally, the facility’s new lighting is standardized and under warranty for three years, meaning Party Rental will not have to pay for a new lamp until 2017.

Bluestone Energy says Constellation’s program gives companies much needed financial flexibility to complete cost-saving efficiency projects with no upfront costs.

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