Building Sensors Can Be Powered by PV Technology

April 9, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Electric FilmElectricFilm launched a line of light harvesting technology products that convert light – from low indoor levels to full daylight – into power for a variety of wireless applications. ElectricFilm says its PV technology is suited for smart building sensors – from thermostats to motion and smoke detectors to electronic locks – as well as motorized window shades and powered retail displays.

ElectricFilm Power from Light Single-Cell Modules for smart building sensors are specifically engineered for indoor light harvesting. The modules work in any light and produce 7.0-70.0 uW/cm2 at 200-2000 lux respectively. Each module produces ~0.5V and can be used alone, connected in series or parallel, or to supplement a super-capacitor or rechargeable battery system.

ElectricFilm also offers the patent-pending Power From Light PFL Series for motorized window treatments. The PFL30 fits a standard 30″ width that will provide power for the top brand motors on the market in 12 volt and 18 volt options.

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