BuildingIQ Uses MathWorks to Develop Energy Optimization Algorithms

March 24, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

BuildingIQ energy manageBuildingIQ engineers have developed Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO), a cloud-based software platform that reduces HVAC energy consumption in large-scale buildings by 10-25 percent during normal operation, according to the company.

BuildingIQ used data analytics capabilities from MathWorks for its proactive, predictive algorithms for HVAC energy optimization.

The BuildingIQ team used MathWorks MATLAB algorithms integrated in a production cloud environment to optimize occupant comfort while minimizing energy costs. BuildingIQ engineers used MATLAB to filter data, to model contributions of gas, electric and solar power to heating and cooling processes, and to continuously optimize energy efficiency in real time. To integrate the resulting algorithms into the production systems, the team used MATLAB Compiler for deployment, saving time and resources from translating MATLAB algorithms into Java or C.

According to BuildingIQ, MATLAB enabled it to transition its prototype algorithms directly into production-level algorithms that deal reliably with real-world noise and uncertainty.

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