Busch Stadium Cuts Energy Use by 20%

June 12, 2014 By Karen Henry

busch-stadium energy-manageBusch Stadium in St. Louis, Mo., has cut its energy use by 20 percent, thanks to the implementation of several energy-efficiency measures. The measures are part of the 4 A Greener Game program, which the St. Louis Cardinals began during the 2008 season, according to BND.com.

The Cardinals are also participating in the Act On Energy program. Operated by St. Louis-based utility company Ameren, the program provides energy-savings guidance to its residential, business and industrial customers.

Most of the stadium lighting and all of the lighting at Ballpark Village were replaced with CFLs, and occupancy sensors were installed in several rooms at the stadium so that lights turn off automatically when no one is present. Additional measures included replacing refrigeration equipment and pumps and blowers in the HVAC system with more energy-efficient models and installing solar panels.

As a result of these energy-savings efforts, the Cardinals have cut their electric bill by nearly $300,000 annually. In October 2013, the National Resources Defense Council ranked Busch Stadium 5th on its Top 10 Energy Efficient Stadiums list.

The Cardinals are looking for more opportunities to implement energy-savings measures in the future.

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