Canadian Condominium Complex to Plug into City’s District Energy System

August 28, 2014 By Karen Henry

canadianarchitecture-energy-manageAn 18-story condominium complex slated for construction in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, will be the first residential building to hook up to the Galt District Energy System, according to an article in the Guelph Mercury.

Plugging into the shared energy network will eliminate the need for the River Mill Condominium complex to install a furnace, boiler, chiller and cooling tower.

Guelph announced plans to build a citywide district energy network earlier this year. The first phase of the system includes the installation of insulated underground pipes and a central thermal energy facility in the Sleeman Centre. The price tag for phase one is estimated at $12 million. Guelph’s goal is to use its district energy network to supply at least 50 percent of the community’s heating needs in the next 30 years. The district energy network is part of a larger downtown revitalization project.

Envida Community Energy, a division of city-owned Guelph Hydro, will develop and build the system. The system is expected to lower energy costs for those connected to it, although the Guelph Mercury article did not indicate by how much.

In March, Canadian Solar opened the Canadian Solar Microgrid Testing Centre in Guelph. The testing facility focuses on micro-grid testing and design as well as smart grid assessment services.

Photo via Shutterstock.

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