Canadian Power Plant Switches from Coal to Biomass

September 15, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

biomass energy manageThe Atikokan Generating Station in Ontario, Canada, has been converted to a completely biomass-fueled power plant, and the station is now generating electricity.

Atikokan Generating Station burned its last coal two years ago. Conversion of the station began in mid-2012 and included construction of two silos and boiler modifications to accommodate the biomass.

The biomass used to fuel Atikokan is being harvested and processed in Ontario. Ontario Power Generation has contracts in place with two companies in northwestern Ontario to supply the wood pellets. Rentech and Resolute Forest Products Canada will each supply 45,000 tons of wood pellets annually.

Atikokan Generating Station will provide renewable peaking power and can be turned on when electricity demands are highest.

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