Cannabis Growers Reduce Energy Consumption

June 24, 2014 By Karen Henry

cannabis-energy-manageHempTech, a division of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based FutureWorld, unveiled a facility and energy-management system to help reduce the electricity consumption and cost for cannabis growers. HempTech’s smart. NRG energy management system includes three components:

  • Secure Intelligent Devices (SID): Lights, LEDs, and systems with imbedded two-way communication systems that dispense real-time information, management and controls.
  • Facility CaNNaLyTiX: Predictive software for facility management with fault detection and diagnostics.
  • Energy CaNNaLyTiX: Energy analysis and information to implement continuous improvements.

The system leverages a diagnostics engine that focuses on energy data analysis to increase efficiency and reduce overall operational costs, HempTech said. Information obtained with CaNNaLyTiX can be used to identify inefficient assets; predict, reduce and eliminate equipment downtime; automate fault detection and deliver real-time notifications; reduce maintenance issues and determine probable causes; control and improve the reliability of energy usage per site; monitor equipment energy usage trends and details; alert if lights or devices fail or energy usage is unexpectedly high; and e-mail energy consumption and cost information.

This is a step in the right direction for an industry that had previously been labeled as the single largest power thief by Awesense, a Vancouver-based company that provides sensors and software to detect energy theft.

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