Care-Energy Opens Branch in Beirut

August 13, 2014 By Karen Henry

care-energy-manageEnergy supply in the Middle East is expensive and even impossible to obtain in many places due to the lack of infrastructure. Recent wars and military operations have destroyed most working facilities, including the only power plant in Palestine. Setting up an energy supply based on an independent, decentralized system that does not require raw materials would offer significant advantages to the local population.

Hamburg, Germany-based energy supplier Care-Energy is looking to help bring energy independence to the area with its CareCel photovoltaic systems. The system has built-in storage and infrastructure facilities and is designed to provide independent energy supply for households, schools, hospitals and businesses.

After successful international projects in Africa and Asia to supply energy to hospitals, schools and private homes, the Beirut office will begin deliveries of the CareCel system to Lebanon, the company said. Customers will have the option of purchasing the system or paying off the cost with the energy it delivers.

A similar system has been patented in the United States. Ecosphere Technologies’ Ecos PowerCube is a portable, self-contained micro-utility that uses solar power to provide electricity in remote, off-grid locations.

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