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Caribbean Mobile Network Realizes 60% Site Energy Savings

December 6, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

GE Energy ManageViva-Trilogy Dominicana, a Dominican Republic mobile network, completed a backup power pilot program using a General Electric Durathon battery and a remote monitoring and diagnostic system from OmniMetrix.

The pilot resulted in an 88 percent reduction in backup power costs and diesel fuel expenses as well as a 60 percent decrease in site energy costs.

To deal with frequent power outages, usually lasting from four to eight hours at a time, Viva-Trilogy uses diesel generators to provide power to its telecommunication towers. But the four-month pilot demonstrated the value of pairing a remote monitoring and diagnostic system with a battery. The GE Durathon Battery and OmniMetrix RMD system were installed at a base transceiver station in a part of the Dominican Republic known for its frequent power outages. During these outages, the battery was able to supplement electricity produced by a diesel generator to power the site. The OmniMetrix RMD system provided real-time data on both the battery and the grid’s overall performance.

A group of cable operators is testing a new device as a backup power solution, and a company that already caters to the telecommunications industry is Ballard Power Systems, which offers fuel cell systems for telecom backup power.

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