Central State University Receives Rebate for Lighting Efficiency Upgrades

August 13, 2014 By Karen Henry

LEDs-energy-manageDayton Power and Light awarded Central State University with a rebate check of $133,135 for deploying an energy-efficient lighting project.

As part of the project, the university upgraded more than 6,800 interior fixtures to more efficient fluorescent systems. Fixtures using low watt lamps were replaced, and the number of lamps in fixtures were decreased to reduce the overall wattage. Occupancy sensors were also installed around campus to turn off lights in spaces not in use. Exterior HID fixtures were replaced with 409 LED fixtures.

The lighting upgrades will save the university 1,697,843 kWh per year and an estimated $125,000 annually. The lighting retrofit is part of a larger university energy conservation initiative that is projected to save Ohio taxpayers more than $1 million annually.

Photo via Shutterstock.

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