Chimney Enables Free-Air Cooling for Data Centers

October 1, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

cannon energy manageCannon T4 says its new Cocooning Chimney works as part of a free-air cooling system, which uses ambient air to remove the heat from a data center.

Cannon says a key challenge is providing the correct balance between cold aisle temperature, IT equipment fan speed and hot air return temperature. Cocooning via a vertical chimney ensures hot exhaust air from one rack, a row of racks or a complete aisle, is ducted to the ceiling hot air return plenum without affecting aisle temperatures.

Available in passive and active variants, a passive system uses the server/IT and air handler fans to provide air movement through the Cocooning Chimney. This creates a sealed environment for the air to travel through, ensuring that cool air does not mix with heated exhaust air. Alternatively, an active system involves the use of fan trays to provide forced airflow up through the chimney. Cannon T4’s automatic, variable speed temperature controlled fan trays have an adjustable telescopic design for indeterminate installation heights or single piece construction.

Cannon T4 says its Cocooning Chimneys are configured to eliminate common problems associated with free cooling – polluted air, pollen, insects and humidity.

The free-air cooling can help deliver a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating as low as 1.05.

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