CODA Energy Uses Princeton Power Inverters for Project

February 6, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Princeton Power Systems energy manageCODA Energy is working with Princeton Power Systems on CODA’s energy storage project in California. 34 CODA Energy battery packs and 17 Princeton Power Systems GTIB-30 bi-directional inverters operate in concert to provide up to 510 kW of peak shaving for CODA Energy’s manufacturing facility in addition to powering EV charging stations for CODA’s electric vehicle fleet.

Along with this 510 kW system, CODA Energy has installed at least another 1.5 MW of distributed and networked systems behind-the-meter using Princeton Power Systems technology.

The Princeton Power Systems GTIB-30 is a 30 kW grid-tied inverter that can condition power from alternative energy sources, as well as energy storage, various AC loads and AC microgrids.

CODA Energy’s 1,054 kWh / 510 kW energy storage system in the Los Angeles basin consists of new lithium-iron phosphate electric vehicle (EV) battery cell packs, demonstrating the possibility of second life EV battery applications. CODA’s large-scale system is comprised of two networked and aggregated multi-tower systems that can operate in concert or deliver independent, specialized services.

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