College Arenas Switch to LEDs from Ephesus Lighting

June 20, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Ohio energy manageCollege sports venues at Ohio University, Union College and the University of British Columbia have switched to LED lighting systems from Ephesus Lighting.

Ephesus LED lights reduce power consumption by an average of 70 percent and generate 90 percent light output for 10 years, says the company.

The Ohio University Convocation Center in Athens, Ohio (pictured), replaced 155 metal halide and incandescent 1000 watt lights with 52 Ephesus 600 Arena Lights. The reduction in energy consumption was accompanied by increased light levels of 10 percent on the court, exceeding NCAA broadcast requirements.

Similarly, the Frank L. Messa Rink at Achilles Center at Union College in Schenectady, NY, replaced its metal halide system with 50 Ephesus 600 Arena Lights and 20 Ephesus 300 Arena Lights.

The Ephesus lighting system installed at UBC Thunderbird Arena at the University of British Columbia is a hybrid system comprised of 46 Ephesus Arena 600 lights plus 41 remaining metal halide fixtures. The Ephesus fixtures will provide 100 FC of lighting for daily usage while the metal halide lights will supplement them for major events. The system is projected to reduce power consumption by over 70 percent at the facility.

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