Columnists: Allan McHale

McHale’s career spans 40 years in the Energy and Building Controls Industry. In 1980 McHale formed Proplan to provide consultancy services in marketing and business development of products for security, safety and environmental control in buildings. In 1998 Proplan was merged into a new start company, i&i limited in order to provide more comprehensive solutions to both the demand and supply side of intelligent and sustainable buildings. In 2008 the assets of i&i Proplan were acquired by BSRIA Ltd.

Smart Grid Prospects & State of the Business in 2013

Smart Grid sales across the world in the last three years at installed prices have grown by CAGR of approximately 35% and climbed to $36.5 billion in 2012. Given the general economic demise during this period these figures are remarkable. However they include a steady flow of refurbishment business that has for more than 10   …Continue Reading

Can Distributed Energy Help Keep the Lights on after 2015?

Britain is facing the rising risk of an energy shortfall within three years, Ofgem has warned, as electrical generation will plunge to 4% spare capacity from its present level of 14%. Some 12GW of coal fired plants, equivalent to a sixth of the total generation capacity, can now only operate for a limited number of   …Continue Reading