Columnists: Bob Zak

Bob Zak is senior vice president of Facility Solutions for Ecova.

Increase Water Management, Decrease Costs

There’s no denying it – water is increasingly becoming an important issue. California is currently experiencing an unprecedented drought, and new studies suggest there will be a worldwide water shortage by 2040. As water becomes scarcer, prices will continue to skyrocket. Already, water prices have increased by 30 percent since 2008. From office buildings to   …Continue Reading

Energy Management Strategies Should Include Peer Benchmarking

We all do it. We started in middle school comparing sneakers, basketball skills and grades in Algebra; today it’s about whose lawn is greener, car is cleaner or vacations are most fun. Society tells us that comparisons are not productive, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. I’m giving you permission to compare yourself to   …Continue Reading

Five Simple Ways to Winterize Retail Facilities

Black Friday – it’s the day retailers anticipate all year; the official start of the holiday shopping season. In 2012, Black Friday generated more than $11 billion in sales and brought 307 million shoppers to the stores; and 2013 is shaping up to be even bigger: more sales, customers and hours. Extended hours of operation   …Continue Reading

The New Role of Energy Managers

We are entering a time when energy management is becoming immensely complex. Organizations are facing rising commodity prices, changing regulations, new consumer demands, climate changes and increased pressure from investors. The role of energy mangers is also shifting in order to help organizations navigate these ever growing challenges. Energy managers must be able to drive   …Continue Reading

Energy Dashboards that Meet Your Needs

Imagine your company has hundreds or thousands of sites, and you are responsible for identifying those sites that are over consuming energy. You also need to identify sites that are performing worse this month compared to last month; or worse this year compared to last year. AND, you also need to know what’s happening today   …Continue Reading

Energy Star Reporting Is Required?

Did you know that if you operate or own commercial buildings in certain parts of the country you are now or may be soon required to track your building’s energy performance through the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program?  In an effort to drive down energy consumption and promote sustainability, many cities, counties and states have passed   …Continue Reading