Columnists: Brock Sansom

Recently retired, Brock Sansom had been the CEO of SHIFT Energy for several years. Prior to joining SHIFT, he held a series of roles spanning 30 years during one of the most dynamic and exciting periods in the telecom and new media industry. Even though taking a permanent leave from payroll, Brock is still very active in supporting communities in their stride toward energy efficiency and environmental wellbeing. While not volunteering, he loves a good piece of music (especially anything on vinyl), wine, women (his wife, daughters and granddaughters) and golf.

Net Zero Building: The New Frontier for Building Energy Management

I recently attended the Green Sports Alliance Summit (GSA) in Chicago, Illinois. I came home convinced that there is enough knowhow and technology available for the business community in North America, if not globally, to embrace and achieve the goal of net zero building (NZB). For those of you not familiar with the term, an   …Continue Reading