Columnists: Cem Onus

Mr. Cem O. Onus is a doctoral candidate for International Business at Walden University, with research focus on Energy Efficiency in the US automotive manufacturing industry. He is a business development manager for DEKRA Certification in North America for their management system certification services including ISO 50001 and SEP training and certification, in addition to traditional ISO 9001, 14001, and sector specific standards certification.

A Look at Energy Management at Subaru of Indiana Automotive

The energy management system at Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) complements its long standing environmental management system culture.  While utility related activities have been completed within the environmental management system umbrella, the implementation of the Energy Management System (EnMS) has really taken energy performance to the next level.  Responsibility for the daily activities of the   …Continue Reading

Why Should Companies Have an Energy Management Strategy?

Leaders realize that a good strategy is needed to control critical resources to gain and maintain competitive advantage. The efficient utilization of available resources has always been at the forefront of corporate strategy to cut costs, and to increase profitability. It is now inevitable that leaders will also need to factor in emission levels to   …Continue Reading